Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Stash, Cosmo Textiles...

Happy Sunday! The weekend went by really fast! Hopefully you had time to sew and relax with your family! This week's Sunday Stash features yummy Japanese Fabrics from Cosmo Textiles in Japan! The rainbow of cute, happy novelty prints just makes me smile to look at them!
My first experience with Cosmo Textiles was several years ago in a LQS that no longer exists. I still have some of the fairy tale prints in my stash, waiting for the perfect project! The cute bears, woodland creatures and fun food prints will be used for fabric baskets, an Economy Block Quilt and perhaps a pillow cover. All of the prints came from Fabric Supply on Etsy. If you use Instagram you can follow @bunnydesigns or drool over the hashtag #cosmotextiles! 

Today we continued packing and are getting ready for the big move! We packed 85% of the kitchen and another bookshelf. It will be such a relief to fill the last box and return to our old neighborhood again. What did you do this weekend? Did you get to work on a special project? Hopefully, you did! Well, I better run for now. Have a Happy Sunday and Happy Quilting!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Two Sisters Travelling Stash Box goes to...

Happy Saturday! I hope that your past several weeks have given you time to sew! I have been busy working and packing for the move. March first will be here quickly and my goal is to have everything ready by the end of the month! I have been donating household items to hospice and doing a bit of destashing on Instagram to lighten my load. Most likely more fabrics will go up on Instagram this weekend.

The next recipient of the Two Sisters Travelling Stash is:

Stephanie @ Quarter Incher said...
Wow! You're so generous to replace so many items Leona! I'm glad the other contents are going to a good cause. I haven't done a travelling stash yet but think I'm ready :)
Please email me with your mailing address! 
We have to go to the grocery store today! I have been trying not to purchase too much at a time, so when we move there will very little frozen stuff to contend with. I am hoping to cut fabric for Bee Blocks tonight after we get some packing done. This weekend a Sunday Stash will go up on my blog with some pretty new fabrics to view. What are you doing this weekend? Well, I better run for now. Have a Happy Saturday and Happy Quilting!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two Sisters...Travelling Stash....

Good morning and Happy Saturday! I have been away from blogging for a while. Life has become busy again with packing to get ready to move and a full time work schedule! This weekend I am going to take some sewing time during the day and pack at night! 

About two weeks ago I received a travelling stash box. This box began it's travels in August of 2012. When I received the box, read the rules and examined its contents, I noticed that the box had grown weary from travelling. The contents of the box that I received will be donated to a church group to use for hospice quilts. The travelling stash is a way to Pay it Forward to quilters. When you receive this box it is filled with an assortment of fabrics, patterns and notions for a wide range and skill level of quilters. The two pictures below are of most of the new items that will travel to the next recipient.
The rules to receive this box are fairly simple. You must be an active blogger to receive this box.
  • The definition of a Stash is a secret store of valuables. For quilters it is a collection of usable quality products. The stash contains fabric, patterns and notions. ALL FABRIC IN THE BOX IS AND MUST CONTINUE ON AS QUILT SHOP QUALITY. THE FABRIC SHOULD BE NEW AND UNWASHED. 
  • PATTERNS/BOOKS should be new or in a gently used condition. (No free patterns from the Internet) Books take up a lot of space and the box is limited, so please include fabric instead of a big book.
  • Other items such as tools or notions should be packaged and in new or gently used condition. Nothing should be old or tattered.
The Giveaway for this box will remain open for two weeks. YOU MUST BE AN ACTIVE BLOGGER to receive The Two Sisters Travelling Stash. This box is limited to travel within the United States only. Please leave a comment and the winner will be announced on February 14, 2014. Thank you for visiting my blog, have a Happy Saturday and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year! I hope that your holidays were wonderful! I took a much needed break from work and blogging to get myself a bit re centered for the New Year! 

My December was pretty busy with work and I didn't take much time off to keep up with my customer's needs for Plumbing Parts. My son and I hung out at home for New Year's eve. We ate some junk food and I fell asleep around ten o'clock. I made a pork roast and some black eyed peas for New Years Day and shared them with my neighbors across the hall.

I didn't do a lot of sewing over the holidays. I mainly ate, spent time with my son and the dog and slept. The projects that I did complete are below.

The fabric basket is for a friend on Flickr in the Munki in the Middle Bee. I love making fabric baskets and this one is delicious! The two pictures are of the front and back of the basket.
The next two photos are of blocks for the Strip Quilter's Bee on Flickr. The row created is for my friend Mary who is a quilter that I am in awe of. It will be so exciting to mail this off to her because my row finishes her quilt top! I love the creation of negative space in with the solid black!
Mary will also receive a really cute fabric basket to use as a thread catcher in her sewing room! The little panda is Sew adorable!
The post for the 2014 Birthday Club will go up tonight. The parameters have changed a bit due to the International mailing rates spiraling out of control. Wishing you a fantastic week number two in 2014! Have a Happy Sunday and Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas....

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I hope that your holiday is going well! The day is pretty quiet for us. We made cookies yesterday and today we are bringing a tray of lasagna over to share with our neighbor for the holiday! My friend Katy sent me a X Block and some really cool Japanese fabrics! 
Joni from the Munki in the Middle Bee on flickr sent me a beautiful package with some X Blocks, a gorgeous zipper pouch. For our December round of the Bee we each were able to sew in secret for someone in the Bee! 
The picture blow is of the X Blocks that have been coming in the mail from The Munki in the Middle Bee. The quilt will be gorgeous! I want to add one more row of blocks to this quilt top...
The final project to share is a mini that I made for the Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram. My secret partner wanted a mini made with Art Gallery Fabrics and text fabrics. The purple and aqua really look pretty together!
Finally, the winner of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway is :
Paula said...I'm in love with all things aqua now. Yum! Thanks for the chance Leona!
I sent Paula an email to let her know! Well, I better run for now. Have a happy Wednesday and Happy Quilting!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

Thank you for visiting my Blog! I love participating in this giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a Daisy Mae Charm Pack by E.Vive for Benartex Fabrics! The charm pack is filled with bright fun fabrics!
Winning this Giveaway is easy Peasy! This is what you need to do to enter:
Leave a comment about what your favorite color is!
It is just that simple!
This giveaway will end on December 13, 2013 at 5:00 PM.
Winner will be announced on December 15, 2013!
Be sure to visit all of the blogs participating in this event!
Have a Happy Monday and Happy Quilting!

Fabric Baskets in the Making...

Happy Monday! I hope that all is well with you! Life has been pretty hectic with work, packing and getting my old house ready to move back into! The move most likely won't take place for several months.
I have been busy in my spare moments trying to get caught up on projects. The four baskets pictured below are for four different swaps. I am not going to name the swaps because it may give away their final destinations!! None the less the baskets are all adorable!
It is exciting to start to make some progress after being sick. There is still a ways to go to get everything finished, but I need to begin to pack my sewing room! Immediately after this post the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway will be posted! Yay!! Have a Happy Monday and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Catch Up....

Happy Sunday! I hope that your Thanksgiving Holiday was nice and that you had a chance to spend some time with family and friends! I took a bit of a break from everything for the last several weeks (except work and my family) Some type of virus hit me pretty hard with severe headaches, neck pain, dizziness and it even attacked my vision intermittently. I am feeling much better now, but at one point I thought I might need to see a doctor.

This Thanksgiving was a bit harder than some previous ones. It was just my younger son and I. We are used to being around more family and friends over the years. We went to Cracker Barrel because it just seemed a bit pointless to cook a huge feast for two. Next year should be better for us because we hope to move back to our old small town. We were very thankful to be back in Florida this year and I am grateful to be working for my old employer who taught me my trade. Thank you for following my blog over the past four years! I have learned so much from all of your comments and really appreciate the friendships that have grown! So many of you are quilters that I follow on either blogs, Flickr or Instagram.

This weekend I am working on catching up on very late projects that should have been mailed. Work has been extremely busy and exhausting. Even my best laid plans to sew on some weekends just didn't happen from being tired. On my cut table are some blocks for a fabric basket and a mug rug for a friend that need to be sewn together and quilted.
The picture below is of a mini quilt for a swap on Instagram. The fabric basket in progress above will go out with the mini quilt. (Better late than never) There are also two fabric baskets pinned and ready for quilting. One is for the Fabric Basket Swap and the other is a gift that will go out with a row that I am behind on! I like to stack and pin as many small projects for quilting, to make the most of my time in front of the machine. 
This stack is at the end of my ironing board with strips for my friend Mary's row for the Strip Quilters Bee on Flickr. The aqua and green fabric is to line one of the fabric baskets. There are also about eight bee blocks yet to make. I wish I had felt better to be able to sew all weekend, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. My goal is to mail as much as possible by Wednesday. Sitting in a box is a my Scrappy Trip Along Quilt top that Wendi (PRSD4TIM2) made for me in trade for my GoCutter. Hopefully there will be time to put together a quilt back in the next several and get it mailed off for quilting.
I will try to post a giveaway next week for December! We are skipping Christmas this year due to moving again in January. Unfortunately I just can't afford to do both. Luckily my sons are grown up enough to understand our predicament! There will be a final mailing for domestic mail for the Birthday Club this month. A new sign sheet up will begin for next years club this month. Due to International mailing rates skyrocketing...enrollment for the Birthday Club will be limited to the United States and Canada only for 2014. Well I better run for now! Have a Happy Sunday and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sewing Sunday...

Happy Sunday! I hope that your week went well. I have been doing a lot of travelling with work during the week. Yesterday we went to the grocery store and and then did a little bit of cleaning. Today is a day to sew and clean some more. The project below is in its intermediate stages for a Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram. My partner requested Art Gallery Fabrics in Purple and Aqua mixed with Text in a Mini Quilt. Most likely the quilting will be very simple because of the busy-ness of the text fabrics and the binding on it will be a solid Aqua. 
My goal is to get this mailed out by the middle of the week. There are still many projects to finish. I have seven bee blocks for the 3 X 6 Bee, a row of blocks for my friend Mary in the Strip Quilters Bee and some aprons for one one of my customers to complete! Once my projects are caught up I will take a break from swapping for a while and focus next year on assembling my UFO's that have piled up! What are you working on this weekend? Are you caught up or do you feel a bit behind like I do? Well I better run for now! Have a Happy Sunday and Happy Quilting!