Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stash Report

Happy Tuesday! Just a quick hello to share a stash report! Yesterday's mail arrived with my fabric purchase from Quilt Taffy on Etsy! One of the fabric lines in the box was Milk, Sugar & Flower by Elea Lutz for Penny Rose Fabrics. 
The prints in this line are so adorable! Little birdies, kittens and luscious florals. Most likely the fabrics will go into fabric baskets, mini quilts, mug rugs and perhaps a small lap quilt. 
Have you made any new fabric purchases lately? I would love to hear from you...On Saturday I will post a Saturday Stash Report on some of the other precuts that have been accumulated...Have a Happy Tuesday and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Catching up on Swaps...

Happy Sunday! Thank you for your kind comments on my last blog post. It really made my heart happy to hear from those of you who responded. Bit by bit I am taking baby steps to come out of the bubble that my life was in. I hope that all is well with you! It feels good to slowly get back to sewing again. Work has been pretty busy and I am trying to squeeze in a little bit of creative time on the weekends. In my last post I shared the kindle case that I made for Courtney for the Fairytale Swap. Below is a picture of the fabric basket that was mailed with her package. It included some of her favorite fairytale prints from Hansel and Gretal and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
The next picture below is a grouping of four mug rugs that are in progress or have been mailed for swaps. The top right is for the Starbucks Mug Rug Swap on Flickr, the bottom right is for the Woodland Swap on Instagram. The bottom left is actually part of a gift that I am working on for my Aunt. She lost her husband several months ago and I am putting together a Mug Rug, Fabric Basket and some other items as a pampering package to send to her. I will post a picture in a future post of the package before it mails. The top left mug rug is left from scraps from another swap, so it will be set aside for future use.
The picture below is a closeup of the completed Woodland Swap Mug Rug. Very simply done and scrappy, utilizing Heather Ross fabric, Timeless Treasure mini foxes and some Japanese Kei fabrics from Yuwa, the mini creates a cute little theme. It went out several weeks late (of course), so I hope that she will like it when she receives it on Monday.
There are still a lot of late projects to complete before my conscience is clear. I used to be a really good swapper, but I guess the overall stress of the past several years caught up with me and I just couldn't sit in front of my sewing machine or blog without feeling a certain level of anxiety. Many of the projects that I am working on are just simple patchwork. My plans are to use my Baby Go Cutter again and create some new things once the backlog of projects has been completed and mailed.

After that it is on to the UFO pile of quilts. Many of the Bee Quilt blocks that I received over the past several years are gathered in project cases. A good portion of the blocks are destined to be donated or gifted quilts. We received an email through work that one of our fellow employees had a house fire and lost everything. My plan is to go through the completed bee blocks and create quilts for his family. For this particular project I will have to squeeze the assembly in with my swap projects, so the quilts can be sent out to the long arm person.

So, what are you working on? Do you have anything special planned? I would love to hear from you! Today is a sewing and cleaning day for us. Have a Happy Sunday and Happy Quilting!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sewing again...

Happy Monday! I hope that you have been doing well and have had much time to sew! I haven't done a lot of sewing, in many ways I have been a bit stuck. You could call it Quilter's block or a creative catastrophe. Much of it has to do with the events of the past year with my sister's death and coming in contact with my father at her funeral. 

The one year anniversary of Tammy's death is on Thursday. In many ways it has been a long and tumultuous year for me. I haven't socialized with my friends, or done much blogging. Once I get past Thursday I want to try to take some Baby steps to find my way back to blogging and creating again. I have had bouts of anxiety that have been pretty paralyzing, so I need to find a way to begin to move on. In many ways I miss the person I used to be before her death. So much has changed since February 26th of last year.

This week I am working on some projects for some swaps to try to find my Sewing Mojo. I am not taking on any new swaps or Bee's this year because I need to get caught up on the things I had promised to sew last year and just couldn't find the energy to complete. (if that makes sense) It has always been so important to me to follow through on swaps and I just feel so bad that my mind was so bogged down with grief. So moving forward with baby steps, my goal is to get caught up and start to find the joy and love in creating again.

One project that was finished is pictured below. I made a Kindle case for a swap on Flickr called The Fairytale Swap. My partner was Courtney and I just wanted to create something magical and beautiful for her. The picture below is the outside cover before it was assembled. Many of the fabrics were found on Etsy, ordered from Japan, or pulled from my scrap bins.
 The Kindle Case pattern that I followed was a free pattern from Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night. The free tutorial she had was excellent! Her case was pretty basic, so I used my imagination with patchwork to create this for Courtney. This is how the front cover looked when it was finished.
 This was the back cover of the Kindle Case. I think I spent more time creating the patchwork than assembling it! All of the little bits of fabric created the feeling of walking in through the woods and the joy of fairytales. I had also made a coordinating fabric basked, but didn't photograph it.
So what have you been sewing lately? I have a few more projects to work on and will share them as I go along. I wanted to apologize for not blogging, but the year has been filled with so much turmoil that I have just pretty much been trapped within my own thoughts. 

My goal is to restart the Birthday club within a few months. I apologize for taking some time away from it, but now it is time to move on and start fresh. Until next time, Have a Happy Monday and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Munki in the Middle Bee...Pillow Cover Swap...

Happy Sunday! I hope that your week has gone well and that you have had some time to sew! My week was pretty busy with work and travel. I have been working on a project for a while for the Munki in the Middle Bee on Flickr. The Munki in the Middle Bee sews with Heather Ross fabrics. For this side swap we were to make a pillow cover for our partner based on their likes. My partner requested a nautical theme and I decided to make her a Mod Mosaic Block Pillow Cover from the free tutorial Elizabeth Hartman's blog, Oh Fransson!.
 This is a close-up of the Mod Mosaic Pillow cover. I hope that she will love it!
In addition to her pillow cover, my partner will receive a fabric basket to match! There are some additional goodies that will mail along in her package.
It has really been fun to put this package together. It is going to a Sewist that I admire. Now it's back to getting caught up on Bee Blocks again. It feels so good to be sewing and creating again! Have a Happy Sunday and Happy Quilting! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Second Blog...Quilters for Chemo

Happy Tuesday! I hope that all is well with you! My life has been pretty busy with work and getting caught up on swap projects during my free time. This month was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. As many of you know my sister died after an eighteen year battle with Ovarian Cancer at the end of February. Ever since then my blogs posts have been pretty scarce. I have been doing a lot of grieving and a lot of soul searching. 

Out of that grief I have created a second Blog called Quilters for Chemo  As many of know, my son and I had lived with my sister in Pittsburgh for several years when her cancer had metastasized. (moved into her blood stream)  I went to chemo with my sister on occasion and had met some of the most amazing women who went for chemo at her Oncologists office. Treatments sometimes could last for six hours or less depending on the protocol. During chemo the ladies talked, laughed, ate and slept. When they were cold during Chemo, the doctor's office supplied them with a light blanket to keep them warm. The blankets were more like a big white flannel sheet. 

My new blog Quilters for Chemo is dedicated to collecting lap quilts and small neck pillows for women that are undergoing chemo for Gynecological Cancers. The quilts will be distributed to various Oncology Facilities that administer Chemo. It is a way to give back because we are all touched by Cancer at some point in our lives. It is my way as a family member left behind to give back to women who fight such dreadful diseases.

Quilters for Chemo will have information on Gynecological Cancers and tutorials for Chemo Quilts and the small neck pillows. Please follow my other blog and become proactive in the fight for life, one quilt at a time. 

This is a picture of my sister Tammy. She died February 26, 2014. She was a very strong person and a role model for me. She was smart, beautiful and kind. She was an extremely private person. My sister was extremely organized and loved to make lists. She worked in marketing for the Post Office for thirty-one years. She loved my fried pork chops and used to call me after we returned to Florida to find how I made them! Nowadays the telephone is silent. She will be forever loved and missed. 
Thank you for taking time to read this blog post. I know that with your support Quilters for Chemo can and will make a difference! Have a happy Tuesday and Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Munki in the Middle Blocks Ready to Mail!

Happy Monday! I hope that your weekend was filled with Quilty things! My work week was busy and it was nice to have a chance to sew over the weekend! After cleaning and doing laundry, I worked on very late Bee Blocks for the Munki in the Middle Bee on Flickr. This bee uses Heather Ross Out of Print (OOP) fabrics in their Bee Blocks. The ladies have been extremely patient with my lateness and I am forever grateful! It feels so good to be sewing again! The first set of blocks are Wonky Stars for Jackie. Jackie requested bright backgrounds for her Wonky Stars. They turned out really cute!
The second set of blocks are for Karen. Karen requested Wonky Log Cabin Blocks. I love the Power Tool and the Chickens in the yellow block! The Purple block is just darling Matryoshka Dolls in the Center!
My fingers are crossed that they will like their blocks. So what did you do this weekend? Did you sew or just do the regular household things? Well, I better run for now. Have a Happy Monday and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Sunday...Sew Sew Modern 5 Finished!

Happy Sunday! I hope that your week went well! Our week was pretty busy with work and taking care of household errands. I am finally getting back to sewing! I have really missed being creative. My first project to finish has been for the Sew Sew Modern 5 Swap on Flickr. My secret partner is a sewist that I have known for a while, so I was eager to create something for her that she would love. She had asked for a sewing mat and some accessories. After checking out her favorites on Flickr and Instagram, I decided to cut into my stash of Japanese and Heather Ross fabrics! Pictured below are the items that I created. A sewing mat, a fabric basket and a needle book.
The sewing mat has divided pockets sewn into sections on the front. All of her tools can easily be stored there so she can avoid knocking them on the floor! The pieces coordinate well together and are so cute! She received her package this week that also included a pile of extra goodies and she loved it!

Hopefully you had some time to sew and create this week. What did you work on? Was it a stunning finish or still a work in progress? My goal is to begin to catch up on Bee blocks again. I fell miserably behind since the end of February. I would love to hear from you again! Have a Happy Sunday and Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

WINNER...Mass Drop Sponsored Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday! The winner of the Lizzie House Tone on Tone Pearl Bracelets Giveaway is:

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Congratulations! Please contact me with your mailing address! A special thank you to Massdrop for sponsoring this giveaway!
Have a Happy Tuesday and Happy Quilting!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets Sponsored Giveaway....

Happy Monday! I hope that your weekend was filled with all kinds of Quilty goodness! We did housework and took all of the bedding to the laundromat. I had a chance to work on some projects for different swaps that need to mail out soon.

What better way to return to blogging than with a sponsored giveaway? Are you familiar with Massdrop? I have been shopping with Massdrop for a while and sent them an email to sponsor a giveaway on my blog. Massdrop takes a group of people that each want to buy the same thing, combines their order, and places that order directly with the manufacturer. As a result, everybody in the group gets the large quantity price while only having to buy one item. 
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Have a Happy Monday and Happy Quilting!